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The Internetworking Indonesia Journal (IIJ) is a peer reviewed international journal devoted to the timely study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet development. The journal seeks high-quality research papers on the challenges and opportunities presented by information technology and the Internet, as well as their impact to society.

Series A: Community Informatics & Society

The broad area of focus of the IIJ Series A is the development of ICT and the Internet in Indonesia and the impact these technologies have on all aspects of community life in the Indonesia context. The IIJ is concerned with how the Internet and various communications and information technologies can support local economic development, social justice and political empowerment.

The IIJ seeks to be a multidisciplinary point of convergence concerning the use of ICTs in Indonesia for diverse stakeholders. These include users/citizens, community activists, nonprofit groups, policymakers, and the range of academics working across (and integrating) disciplines as diverse as Communication Studies, Information Studies, Management, Social-Computing, Social Work, Science and Technology Studies, Planning and Development Studies and other relevant areas of study.

Series B: Computing, Communications, Engineering & Internet Technologies

Series B of the IIJ covers the broad areas of computing, communications, engineering (software & hardware) and the broader area of internet technologies.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: Communications & network technologies; Software and hardware engineering; Applications and services; Broadband and telecommunications technologies; Mobile and wireless networks; Internet infrastructure systems, protocols, standards and technologies; Multimedia and content development; Data Mining; Cloud & Grid computing; open source software and technologies; and others topics.



ISSN: 1942-9703

Open Access Publication Policy

The Internetworking Indonesia Journal (IIJ) provides open access to all of its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. This follows the philosophy of the Open Journal Systems (see the Public Knowledge Project at The IIJ issues are published electronically (PDF) and there are no subscription fees. Such access is associated with increased readership and increased citation of an author's work.

No publication fees

There is no publication fees to authors for publishing in the IIJ. This is consistent with the open access philosophy adopted by the IIJ.


The IIJ is currently indexed by SCOPUS and Google Scholar. The contents of the IIJ issues are also covered by Elsevier.

Publication Language

The primary language of the IIJ is English. Note that the IIJ does not accept requests for the translation of submitted manuscripts.

Publication Ethics Statement

The IIJ statement on ethics and malpractice can be found here (IIJ Ethics Code).

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