Title: Android Based License Plate Recognition using Pre-Trained Neural Network

Author: Rizqi K. Romadhon, Muhammad Ilham, Nofan I. Munawar, Sofyan Tan, and Rinda Hedwig

Affiliation: Binus University, Jakarta, Indonesia

Abstract: In this research an automobile license plate recognizer is developed in a mobile device based on the android platform to be used as an alternative solution to record road-side transactions, such as parking and fine. The license plate recognition is implemented using artificial neural network, where training of the neural network is carried out in a desktop computer instead of mobile device to speed up the training using back propagation algorithm. Result of the training is the artificial neural network along with their weight is implemented in the mobile device to recognize characters in license plate. The training result showed that the neural network is able to recognize 88.2% characters in sample images outside the training set. The image processing and neural network implemented in the mobile device managed to recognize an average of 71% characters in sample license plate images which are categorized as having good image quality. Automobile license plate information is also saved in database inside the mobile device .

Keywords: Android-base, back-propagation algorithm, license plate recognition, neural network, pre-trained.

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